Prescribing safety assessment (PSA) question pack

A collection of questions relevant to the prescribing safety assessment (PSA), written by doctors.

Number of questions: 32


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Advanced setup

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Question specialties

    Specialty Number of questions
    General Practice 15
    Emergency Medicine 8
    Paediatrics 6
    Acute Medicine 5
    Infectious Diseases 5
    Neurology 3
    Cardiology 3
    Ophthalmology 2
    Care of the Elderly 2
    Gastroenterology 2
    Urology 2
    Rheumatology 1
    Dermatology 1
    ENT 1
    Obstetrics 1
    HPB Surgery 1
    General Surgery 1
    Paediatric Gastroenterology 1
    Neurosurgery 1
    Immunology 1
    Anaesthetics 1

    Prescribing safety assessment (PSA) question pack

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    Number of questions: 32