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Our quiz platform keeps track of your performance, allowing you to monitor your progress and identify the topics that need more work. Our spaced-repetition feature allows you to focus more on the areas you find most challenging and less on those you've mastered. We also create quizzes that focus on important topics such as ECG interpretation, you can take a look at our collection here

  • Spaced-repetition

    Our spaced-repetition feature allows you to focus more on those areas you find most challenging and less on those you've mastered.

  • Track your progress

    Our platform tracks your progress and provides you with insights on your current level of performance.

  • Free for everyone

    Anyone can freely access our fast-growing bank of high-quality questions.


We've built powerful functionality into the platform that allows any user to write their own questions or quizzes and share them with the wider Geeky Medics community. As an educator, you get to see the impact of your contributions in your profile, where you get statistics on how many people have answered your questions, the answers they've given and more. You can check out quizzes that have already been created by the Geeky Medics community here 

  • Write questions

    It's easy to write questions on the platform and we've added some useful features to help you create awesome clinical content.

  • See your impact

    We provide you with plenty of fascinating statistics on how your questions are being used by the community.

  • Earn achievements

    Unlock achievements when the impact of your questions reaches specific milestones.


Our platform allows you to comment on questions and open a discussion with other community members, enabling collaborative learning around content.

  • Ask a question

    If you're unsure why a particular answer is correct, or want some more information, you can simply ask a question using our discussion board.

  • chat_bubble_outline

    Answer a question

    If you see a question from another community member you can easily respond with useful feedback.

  • Build a reputation

    When other community members agree with your comments you gain reputation points, identifying you as a thoughtful member of the community.