We get lots of people submitting excellent quizzes to us, but we've never had a system to deal with this great content effectively, meaning lots of it never reaches the wider community, something we really weren't happy with. 🙈

We've been thinking about how we can empower our incredibly passionate users to benefit the wider Geeky Medics community and also make sure they feel great whilst doing it! 🎉

As a result we've developed a Geeky Medics Quiz Platform, which allows anyone to take a quiz on topics of their choosing; easily, for free. 🙌

The quiz platform allows you to submit your questions to the question bank, with other users then able to access and benefit from your contributions. ✍

You'll see the impact your contributions are having in your profile, where you'll get statistics on how many people have answered your questions, the answers they've given and what they're saying about your question. 📈

In addition you'll unlock geeky achievements when your contributions reach various milestones (we couldn't resist). 👾

Anything I need to know before writing a question?

We've developed some guidelines to help you write questions that encourage users to apply their knowledge and clinical reasoning, rather than simply assessing recall of facts. You should check out the guidelines here before writing any questions.

Once you submit a question it will be reviewed by one of the team to ensure it is clear, accurate and assesses a candidate's knowledge effectively. If the question is felt to meet our quality standards it will be approved and added to the live question bank for other users to see.

Once your question is live, other users can benefit from your contribution, with you being notified of any comments from the community which we would encourage you to respond too.

We believe that together we can build something amazing and we can't wait to check out your questions!

Geeky Medics