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Number of questions: 1193


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Advanced setup

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Question types

    Specialty Number of questions
    General Practice 446
    Emergency Medicine 285
    Paediatrics 157
    Acute Medicine 138
    Neurology 116
    Cardiology 97
    Respiratory 87
    Gastroenterology 84
    Endocrinology 73
    Infectious Diseases 70
    Dermatology 69
    General Surgery 57
    Gynaecology 55
    Ophthalmology 53
    Haematology 52
    Orthopaedics 49
    Rheumatology 48
    Obstetrics 37
    ENT 37
    Geriatrics 34
    Neurosurgery 33
    Urology 32
    Oncology 29
    Sexual Health 28
    Nephrology 27
    Psychiatry 27
    Pharmacology 26
    HPB Surgery 23
    Paediatric Surgery 23
    Stroke Medicine 20
    Colorectal Surgery 20
    Breast Surgery 18
    Vascular Surgery 17
    Anaesthetics 13
    Clinical Genetics 11
    Plastic Surgery 9
    Radiology 8
    Upper GI Surgery 6
    Care of the Elderly 3
    Hepatology 3
    Cardiothoracic Surgery 3
    Neonatology 1
    Public Health 1
    Prehospital Care 1

    Medical finals question pack

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    Number of questions: 1193

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